What Causes Indoor Allergies?

A close-up shot of plush carpeting in a living room

Common Indoor Allergens

Contrary to popular belief, allergies extend far beyond specific seasons. In fact, many homeowners combat indoor allergies daily and don’t even know it. While various effective indoor air quality solutions are available (e.g., air purification systems), it’s still vital to understand what may be contributing to your stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or a bad cough.

The indoor air quality experts of Fairfield, Connecticut, are here to name some of the most common indoor irritants, as well as ways you can lessen their presence.


Like most homes across the country, there’s a chance that yours has carpeting. Whether it be wall-to-wall throughout your entire abode or in select rooms, carpeting is a “magnet” that attracts various allergens and helps them linger in your living space. As a result, you may find yourself sneezing more often or experiencing those dreaded seasonal allergy-like symptoms — even in the middle of winter. 

In a conscious effort to help lessen the population of these invisible irritants, consider vacuuming your home at least twice a week. Especially if you have a vacuum equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, running your machine over your plush flooring can help omit these allergens and prevent them from going airborne.

Pet Dander

Let’s face it: What would we do without pets? While these cuddly, cute creatures may be considered extended members of our family, they can also contribute to your indoor allergies. For instance, most domestic animals shed fur and skin cells throughout their lives. As a result, their remnants will cling to furniture, clothing, and carpeting, as well as drift through the air.

To ensure that your home doesn’t suffer the repercussions of these animal-based elements, it’s imperative to adhere to a grooming and bathing regime for your “fur baby.” And, when your pet is not at the groomer’s, consider brushing your pet a few times a week (but not daily, since that can have an adverse effect on their well-being).

House Dust

One of the most common indoor allergens is dust. Being the product of bacteria, old skin cells, dust mites, fabric fibers, and more, dust has the potential to ignite your indoor allergies. Regardless of how often you clean your humble abode, this particulate matter replenishes when you least expect it.

The best way to help cut back on dust in your home is to be committed to wiping down surfaces often, remove any clutter from the floor, vacuum regularly, and consider upgrading to a higher-quality filter for your HVAC system. If you want to take things a step further, think about having an electronic air cleaner installed in your home — you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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